Nature is an awesome artist. Its various artworks like the mountains, the ocean, and the expansive deserts are no less than some amazing ideation. Like some art lovers, people love to visit these places and feel the serenity and joy these places offer. One such way to recharge and re-energize yourself is to go on desert camping in Jaisalmer.

You may wonder, ‘Why Jaisalmer’? The answer is, ‘because it is situated in the Great Thar Desert’. Also, it is situated in the Royal state, Rajasthan. Let us have a brief look at the things which you can expect from desert camping in Jaisalmer.

An Array of Attractions

Jaisalmer has so many attractions that you can easily plan an elaborate holiday. There are dozens of places to explore like forts, havelis, deserts, national parks, museums, and safaris. Here is a list of all the major tourist attractions in Jaisalmer.

Unique Accommodation

One of the major attractions is desert camping in Jaisalmer. Staying in Swiss tents in Jaisalmer is an entirely different kind of experience. These luxury tents have almost all the modern amenities of a hotel room. But, unlike hotels, these desert camps offer you different tastes in terms of accommodation, food, and events. These desert camps have big open spaces offering a peaceful and serene environment. You can also enjoy the mouth-watering local cuisines served in buffet dinner in these desert camps. The evening cultural program organized in these desert camps gives you a glimpse of the folk dance and music of the royal Rajasthan.

Awesome Safaris

While desert camping in Jaisalmer, you can try different safaris. Here, you can enjoy the village safari, camel safari, and jeep safari. Some people love these safaris so much that they keep coming back in each season to enjoy them. The thrill of fast-moving jeep up and down the sand dunes and of riding a running camel is something you should try at least once.

Delightful Shopping Experience

The bazaars of Jaisalmer have a wide variety of locally handcrafted items. Those are perfect for bringing home for yourself or as souvenirs for your loved ones. They are also unique in their making because they have regional tastes and patterns. While enjoying the shopping, you can also indulge in mouth-watering local cuisines at restaurants and stalls.

Jaisalmer is one of the largest cities of Rajasthan and houses many attractions. Here, you can find something of interest for almost everyone. The places are also easily reachable from the Khuri Sand Dunes where one of the best resorts is located. Khuri Sand Dunes also happens to be a favorite spot for desert camping in Jaisalmer among several tourists. Contact us now and make your trip a dream trip!


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